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Design Depot is a full service Port Elizabeth creative agency specializing in Web Design and Graphic Design. We were founded . We are a talented team of designers, developers, copywriters and business strategists and we founded on the on the concept “ Passion in Design ”. This means we place all of our time and effort into everything we do and pay meticulous attention to understanding your needs. We design websites that build brands and create graphics that deliver immediate results. We deliver a blend of innovative design and creativity tailored to your needs,  enabling us to communicate your vision into a well-designed experience which drives results.

Looking for an agency near you but not finding what you want? We understand how to work with you, even if we’re not in your backyard. Many of our clients are located outside of Port Elizabeth in cities like East London, Cape Town, Johannesburg and other lesser known but equally amazing places.

Our Services

We offer professional websites and designs that cater for your specific needs

Graphic Design

Product or service-specific content is most effective when coupled with the complimentary visuals that enhance the unique identity you wish to create. We work with you to bring out the essence of your brand, creating an identity that is fresh, innovative and timeless.

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Social Media

Facebook has become a common house name. This social media platform is just one of many spaces where millions of potential customers interact. This means it not only gives you the opportunity to connect, but also to interact with your target markets, and build relationships.

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Search Engine Optimisation increases the ranking of a website when searched online. Entrepreneurs benefit from this tactic as it increases visibility and guides visitors directly to their page.

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Featured Projects

We design and develop polished websites and logos. We are proud of the work we do and want to show it off. We invite you to take a look at some of our previous work.

Get Your Business Online

 How do I get my business online? Check out the process below



To start up online, you need to make a lasting impression. Choosing a single name can be challenging, so we have compiled a checklist to guide you in doing so:

Make it easy to spell and type

Opt for shorter names

Use relevant keywords

Avoid using hyphens

Ensure your domain is not infringing on other trademarks



The initial stage of discovery is the stage in which the planning and outlay of your website is done.


The design process involves the incorporation of all the information, characteristics and detail that is to be represented visually to users.


The developer configures and programmes the site for functionality.


The last stage before public viewing in order to finalise any final touches.


Keyword Analysis

The process to determine the most relevant keywords surrounding your business.

On-Page SEO

The basic features of your site need to be user-friendly and compatible

Link Building

External and internal links enable accuracy in searches for specific content

Local SEO services

Our SEO service provides you with all the techniques required to increase your Google ranking and your opportunities of being the first solution to many searches.


Our 4D Design Process

So you have a startup company and you need a logo or you your a well established business with a logo that needs a revamp. All graphic design, logo design and web design projects follow more or less the same steps:


We take this time to work with you in identifying your message, audience, main objectives, look and feel. After the appropriate research, we create a design brief that we can use throughout the process.


The Design Depot team amalgamates their skills and the latest trends in order to design the best-suited website for you and your business.


Depending on what the deliverable is– a website, logo or brochure, we develop the design into visible, real life concepts.


This phase mainly relates to web related projects as a website launch takes more time than picking up business cards at the printers. This means making sure that the bugs are fixed and the website is responsive on all formats and most importantly that our customers are satisfied.

Featured Clients

We have worked with some pretty well-known and respected corporate clients, but we love to help startups find their identity too.