Search Engine Optimization

We’re Search Engine Optimists For A Reason.

The first step would be to complete your entire web design and have your goals clearly set. The following step would require the optimisation of searches related to your specific business. Google is loaded with other information, businesses and potential customers and competition. Our team, with their expertise, will refine this information and provide you with the best possible outcomes.

Once your identity-specific SEO has been set up, we can align your business goals and needs with those of your customers, resulting in a long-term gain.

The SEO Process

Improving your SEO requires an approach that covers a number of criteria and intensive research. Your business benefits from this greatly as it improves your Google ranking.


This includes the research of your customers and their target keywords being used in their searches. Using this information would assist you in planning your target keywords to use on your site. For example, if you were to advertise a photography business that extends from weddings to nature shoots, you would need to include all of those relevant keywords.


After designing the entire website, we will be tasked with process of ensuring each page has the correct titles, meta-descriptions and links in order to provide optimal functionality.


We build internal links to other pages on your site which enables easy navigation. We also integrate external links which can range from free business directories to social media.


This serves as an excellent guideline for your current rankings and provides insightful feedback from a broad potential customer base.

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