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Every good brand identity starts with a really good logo. Every really good logo comes from a proper branding discussion led by design professionals who are educated and experienced in corporate branding and graphic design.

We know all logos are not created equal, so we take the time to consider things like:

What is your brand personality?

What Are Design Standards In Your Industry?

How Can You Instill Trust (In Your Company) Through A Logo?

How And Where Will You Use Your Logo?

Every good brand needs to incorporate their identity into a visual cornerstone that reflects the business. A logo is the visual expression of a company’s identity that needs to be visible to the target market.

Colours and fonts play an important role in the logo design as these will form part of the company’s public ‘face’. Along with the visual factors to consider when designing a logo, it is important to remember that it will be a shortened way of recognizing the business and needs to be short and simple. A good logo is comprehensible and communicates some form of information about the company.

Font choices matter as they set the tone for your entire design. When looking for the right font, there are many factors to consider, such as:

The style of writing (casual, serious, traditional, modern)
The length of writing (some fonts make visual navigation easier than others)
User-friendly (some fonts don’t display well on pixel-based screens)
The purpose of the text (some fonts are better at displaying information whilst others are best used for grabbing attention)


Colour choices are as equally important when finalising a design. The human mind has natural responses to visual stimuli and it is important for designers to consider the psychology behind the use of colour. Every colour has a significance in design, for example the colour red has been found to stimulate appetite and the colour green emphasizes natural or ethical meanings.

Choosing a single colour is beneficial when you wish to create a large impact. However, businesses offering a variety of products or services have made use of multi-colour logos, such as Windows.

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